business in Poland


Poland as the EU and OECD member is a very attractive country for foreign investors, especially if the size of its market is considered. The investment climate in Poland is very friendly, the country is open to enterprises and people from other countries who are ready to set up a business activity in Poland.


Poland is situated in the Central Europe, by the Baltic Sea. It borders Germany (to the west), Czech Republic and Slovakia (to the south), Ukraine and Belarus (to the east), Lithuania to the north-east and Russia (the Kaliningrad Oblast) to the north. Besides, the Polish border. Such a localization – in the geometric center of Europe, by the Baltic Sea, at the crossroads of very important communicative roads favors its economic development.

In terms of area, Poland is ranked 68th in the world and 9th in Europe whereas in terms of population – 34th in the world (more than 38 million of inhabitants).

Thanks to the policy of consistent liberalization that has been implemented since 1990, the Polish economy is now an example of a success in transformation. In 2007 the economic growth, accelerated by growing consumption and the EU funds, amounted to 6.5%. In 2008, GDP grew to 5% and in 2009 1.7%. Poland closed the year 2009 as the only EU country whose GDP grew last year.
The inflation amounted to 3.5% at the end of 2009.

The stock exchange index also obtained good results for 2009. The Warsaw Stock Exchange Index WIG 20 grew by 33%, mWIG40 by 55% and sWIG80 by 62% which for the Polish economy means an ascending wave. These numbers suggest that the Polish market is in a very good condition and that it favors the development of investments.