Payroll and social insurance premiums (ZUS)

Staff services, apart from such obvious activities as proper conclusion and termination of the employment contracts and running personal files includes also the activities often neglected by the employers, like: the obligation to provide information to the offices and employees, monitoring the deadlines, granting paid and unpaid leaves, settlement of working time and the absences of employees.

The key to running proper settlements with the employees and to secure against possible claims of the employees is the proficient knowledge of the Polish social insurance system, the labor law and the tax on account of the paid employee wages.

This service includes:

  • preparing the payroll and calculating the amount of the insurance premiums on its basis, as well as the advance personal income tax payment on account of the paid benefits pursuant to the Polish regulations,
  • creating, running, updating and storing personal files of the employees,
  • preparing employment contracts and other documents connected with employing and dismissing an employee,
  • determining the employer’s obligations connected with individual professions or positions,
  • advices and care of the specialist for staff affairs – information about changes in the labor law